Monday, March 7, 2011


So, I woke up on Thursday, with every intention of dropping my son off at school, picking up the rest of the groceries for my TWO big orders this weekend, and getting my butt to kickboxing before picking my son up at 1:00.  Well, the universe was against me that day ... I forgot to pack my son's lunch, my printer ran out of ink, and I couldn't find some much needed ingredients.  UGH!!!!!  I just wanted to go to kickboxing ... was that really too much to ask?

Somewhere in all that mess, I got a phone call ... from Tanya (the pilot).  She said she LOVED the cake I made for her last weekend and wanted me to make an exact replica for her actual birthday.  WHAT!?  Of course I said yes!!!  Who cares that I already have two other orders that I've obsessed over for at least a week.  It was the BEST COMPLIMENT I've ever received about my cakes.  Having someone so pleased with their surprise cake that they wanted another one!

I was also happy because I had an opportunity to fix the "mistakes" from the last cake.  Seriously ... don't make me point them out to you.  Don't pretend you didn't cringe at that bright blue airplane.

I'm so glad I got to redo this cake ... and meet Tanya!!!  She was so sweet and appreciative!  I hope it tasted as good the 2nd time around.  I think it looked much better.


  1. I love this cake too! The one you did for us on short notice was wonderful, but you out did yourself here!!!

  2. My Family calls Brianna "The Cake Lady", I call her the most talented Cake Designer in Charlotte!!!
    The story is goes..... after traveling the World, experiencing the best pastries in Paris France and the Pasticerrias in Italy, I feel I can attest to say Brianna, when it comes to designing and ingredients she definitely "Takes the Cake"!!! By Far!!
    I had just come home from Rome Italy, A trip that I am actually piloting the plane for over 9 hours duty and have been up for over 20 hours in six different time zones, I was exhausted and had no idea what surprise was ahead of me at my Birthday dinner celebration at Morton's Steak house that nite.
    I was tired and just wanted to eat, enjoy my family, and go home and crawl into my own bed!!
    All of a sudden out comes several waiters and this CAKE that brought tears to my eyes immediately!! I have never in my life saw anything like this and couldnt believe someone who never travels by air or knows what my aircraft even looks like, could possibly design with her imagination such an incredible masterpiece!!!!
    Wow!! The cake was a globe, symbolizing that I travel the world, and the meticulously designed Boeing 767 was placed on top with a stick to look like it was floating over the cake at warp speed!
    Unfortunately we cut the cake up and gobbled down with intensity and the cake was gone!!!!!!!!! I barely even saw the cake!
    So when my girlfriend invited me over to celebrate my Birthday, I was like, I need that cake again!! Wow!!! I couldnt wait to look at it and appreciate all the attention to detail and not to mention the filling of the cake was just...........mouth watering to die for DELICIOUS!!!
    So, here's to you Brianna, "THE CAKE LADY", BUON APPETTIO!! and my family and friends will order all our cakes from YOU!!
    The Pilot :)