Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tiara Cupcakes - Ava's Birthday Party

My friend Jenny planned a fun princess party for her daughter Ava's birthday.  From the day we received the invitation, my daughter was SO EXCITED about "Ava's birday pardy".  After what seemed like an eternity (in the life of a 2 1/2 year old), Ava's party finally arrived.

Of course, during that time, Jenny and I had exchanged AT LEAST 20 emails about cupcakes.  Not just any cupcakes, but White Chocolate Tiara Cupcakes.  You may remember that I tried these earlier this year for Kennedy's 1st birthday.  When I made them for Kennedy, many of the tiaras crumbled and not every cupcake had one.  This time around, I made them more sturdy and I made extra to account for the ones that would tragically shatter on their way to their crowning moment atop a fluffy bed of frosting.

It's a good thing I made 20 extra tiaras because I had JUST ENOUGH to place a tiara on each cupcake.

Jenny was so surprised to find that I actually designed the tiaras to have Ava's name in each one:

The entire spread looked great.

Here's a closeup of Ava's giant cupcake & Ava blowing out the candles.

These were pink velvet cupcakes with buttercream.  

Miss Jenny knows how to make my daughter happy - a crown & a princess wand.  My son also tried to scare the neighbors with his knight mask.  

I think all the kids were happy to celebrate with Ava.

Happy Birthday Ava!  You looked so pretty and I hope you enjoyed your party.  Your friends Cole & Kate sure did!

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